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Purcellville VA 2015 4th of July Parade

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Last year, I went to see the Purcellville, VA 4th of July Parade and I love it so much that I decided to create this painting from a photo that I took. The size of this painting is 12×16 in, Lukas Watercolor and Strathmore 140 lb paper.

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Kimono Ladies

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I took this photo when walking in Downtown DC. for the Cherry Blossom Parade. Love the color of the kimono dresses on this waking ladies. The painting is 12×9 in, Luka Watercolor  and Fabriano 140lb paper.

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Playing on the Snow, VA Winter 2016

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Well, The first snow storm of 2016 in VA. Two days of snow and 29 inches to clean up. I could not avoid doing this quick painting of my dear wife playing on the snow. Done with Lukas watercolors, straphmore 140 lb paper and 9×12 in size.

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My Sister and Her Dog

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Happy New Year 2016 for everybody.  I just finished painting this portrait of my sister with her dog. This will be the last painting for the year 2015. I used Lukas watercolor and strathmore 140 lb pager. My best wishes to all for next year.

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Lady on Window


This paint was created from a photo that I took of my wife using her new cell phone in front of a window. It was created on Strathmore cold press 140 lb paper, Lukas watercolor and it is 11×15 in size.

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My Queen



My wife (the Queen) was working on her garden with her flowers and I could not resist to paint her with them. For creating this painting I used mixed media (black ink and watercolors). The painting is 9×12 in in size,  Strathmore cold press 140 lb paper and lukas watercolors.

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This is a portrait of a young lady. Her name is Lili. I created this portrait using mixed media. I used black ink with a brush and added watercolor washes on top of the black ink. I love the soft effect on the hair and the missing details in the painting. It was created using Arches watercolor paper 300 lbs, 9×11 in size and Lukas watercolors.

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Wife selfie


I think the painting explain itself. Painted in Strathmore watercolor paper cold 140 lb, Soho watercolors , and the size of the painting is 11×15 in. I have entered this painting on this weeks DPW Challenge.

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