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Pearl and Oranges

FullSizeRender 26

This paint was created from a photo taken by my wife that She created by mixing her pearl necklace and oranges. I love the vibrant colors and composition. The paint is 9×12 inches in size, Lukas Watercolors and Fabriano 140lb paper. I hope you love it.

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Tita’s Portrait #3

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Well, Here is Tita again. I painted her using a Writer’s Pen and watercolor. It is very interesting how the ink and watercolor mixed and created this interesting abstract painting. I love it. The size of the paint is 6×7 in, watercolor Lukas and Fabriano 140 lb cold press paper.

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Carnival Mask

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Well, It is February and I decided to celebrate carnival buy painting a mask. The painting is 12×9 in size, Lukas Watercolor and 140 Lb Strathmore paper.

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Wild Flowers


This flowers were painted using wild color strokes and strong background colors. In that moment I was looking at my wife garden. The painting is 9×12 in size, Lukas watercolors and Arches cold press 300 lb watercolor paper.

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